Broth for Happy Tummies and Healthy Joints

Every Sunday Helen and I head to the West Bank for our weekly pho fix at Tan Dinh, one of my favorite restaurants in New Orleans.  We’ll typically follow it up with a grocery run at the Hong Kong Market on Behrman highway.

If you’ve never had pho, the Vietnamese beef noodle soup, I really recommend you give it a try.  It is a rich, flavorful (high in umami) beef broth infused with Asian herbs and served with rice noodles, brisket, flank, beef tendon, and meatballs.  Less adventurous eaters can cutomize the meat order, but keep in mind that tendon is wonderful for your joints and digestion (see below). Fresh mung bean sprouts, basil (sometimes cilantro), and sliced jalepenos come on the side for you to add just before eating.

Traditionally prepared bone broth is one of the greatest, and least recognized health foods (along with fermented foods like kimchee, sauerkraut, etc. which I’ll cover in a later post).  By simmering the bone, marrow, and connective tissues overnight, all the amino acids and minerals that make up our bones and joints are released and made available for digestion and assimilation.  As an added bonus, the gelatin that thickens the broth is an excellent digestive aid, taking stress away from your digestive system and aiding in the assimilation of nutrients.  No wonder chicken soup has long been a folk remedy for most ailments!


~ by nolashaolin on January 30, 2008.

3 Responses to “Broth for Happy Tummies and Healthy Joints”

  1. […] much of the animal as possible, not just steaks and chicken breast, but tendons, organ meats, and broth made from boiling bones and joints), and whole grains.  I believe that we should avoid as much as possible eating processed foods […]

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  3. […] soup made with a real bone broth at least once per week.  Snack on seeds and nuts, and incorporate them into your meals (salads, […]

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