Plastic Plague

I’ve posted before about the health risks of endocrine disruptors in soy-based foods and synthetic chemicals such as plastics.  Not only are these substances directly harmful to our own health, they carry through the whole ecosystem on which we ultimately depend for life.

If you haven’t seen the National Geographic program “Strange Days on Planet Earth,” check out this clip:

When I became a member of the Natural Resources Defense Council, they sent me a canvas tote bag for groceries.  Helen & I carry a bunch of these in each car so whenever we find ourselves at an impromptu grocery stop, I have them available.

We’ve also got a couple of these Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottlesto carry with us so we don’t have to buy plastic water bottles.


~ by nolashaolin on October 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “Plastic Plague”

  1. […] Shun the plastic water bottle and eat fresh, local produce I’ve posted before about the health risks of endocrine disruptors, both natural (phytoestrogens) from unfermented soy foods, and chemical (xenoestrogens) primarily from plastics.  I’ve also posted about the environmental catastrophe brought on by disposable plastic bottles and bags. […]

  2. […] It’s the next step in renouncing the use of disposable plastic cups, bottles, plates and utensils. […]

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