Binaural Beats

If you are interested in meditation but have always had a difficult time quieting your mind for long enough to get any benefit from it, you might consider using recordings that utilize binaural beats.

Meditative states of mind lie in the low-frequency theta to alpha brainwave spectrum. In the modern world, we are conditioned to operate in the frenetic beta wave frequencies, and it is difficult to break the habit.

Binaural beat recordings work by presenting each ear with a beat of a slightly different frequency. The brain attempts to reconcile the two beats and in the process begins to resonate at the frequency difference, which lies in the theta or alpha range. In other words, it is a way to trick the brain into entering a meditative state.

Immrama Institute sells binaural beat cds in which the beats are masked by the natural sound of rainfall or ocean waves.

The Insight CD is an ideal choice for someone in need of relaxation, stress relief, or simply a good night’s sleep.

The Focus CDs make great gifts for students, athletes, or anyone seeking enhanced concentration or creativity.

To get $10 off your order, simply enter this code during the checkout process: IMM427


~ by nolashaolin on December 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “Binaural Beats”

  1. Joseph,

    I use a program called Neuro-Programmer 2 for my binaural beats. It is a wonderful and cheap application that lets you map out journeys through different brainwave patterns, as well as mix in your favorite music/audiobook MP3s in with them. If you have a mind machine (with the flashing goggles, etc) it will trigger these correctly. Overall, it’s a wonderful value, just for the “sleep induction” program itself (which puts me to sleep in a matter of minutes!)

    I, like Master Joe, am also a fan of the Open Focus stuff.

  2. Cool! I’ll check it out.

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