Shaolin-Do Spring Festival in Austin, TX Feb 28, 2009

My teacher, Master Joe Schaefer, in Austin, TX, is holding his 10th annual festival of seminars and competitions the last week of February 2009.

This is a very fun and exciting event, and each year several students caravan from New Orleans to Austin to take part.

The event centers around the Saturday tournament 2/28, with competitions in empty hand and weapons forms, sparring, and tai chi.  The day is punctuated with short seminars by Masters and senior black belts. The emphasis is on learning and sharing our passion for health and self-improvement, not on competing with each other, but spurring ourselves toward greater excellence.

Leading up to the weekend, there is testing for all levels, up to the senior black belts.

On Sunday, March 1, Grandmaster Sin Kwang The’, head of our system, will teach the 4th Road of Golden Leopard, a very high-level animal style focusing on pressure point striking combinations.

Visit Master Schaefer’s site for more information:


~ by nolashaolin on February 2, 2009.

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