Strength as a lack of weakness

There is an interesting article in the lastest edition of Mike Mahler’s Aggressive Strength Magazine by kettlebell and biomechanics expert Denis Kanygin.

Kanygin’s point is that when training for strength, many people will overlook an important strategy:  rooting out weakness.  He says:

“Think about your body as an empty glass – there is only so much space. You can fill it with weakness or strength. The more weakness you have in you ‘glass’, the less space there is for strength.”

I think this makes a nice followup to my previous post about why I avoid bodybuilding-style, isolative exercises.

Full-body strength training such as the kind I advocate for martial artists focuses on developing strength across multiple muscle groups.  When you are doing Turkish Get Ups with a heavy weight pressed over your head, there is nowhere for weakness to hide: you need to recruit strength from every part of the body.

Isolating muscles and focusing on bulking up one muscle per exercise leaves lots of little nooks and crannies for weakness to take root and create imbalances that make for poor functional performance and a high potential for injury.


~ by nolashaolin on August 6, 2009.

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