The Five Pillars of Human Movement

I recently had the privilege of taking a private training session with one of the world’s foremost strength and conditioning coaches, Steve Maxwell.

Coach Maxwell is a former Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champion (only two other Americans have ever held that title), and at 58 years old he is so well-conditioned he can run most athletes into the ground, whatever their age.

One of the most interesting concepts Coach exposed me to in our session is the Five Pillars of Human Movement.  Every exercise plan should address these five basic movements to insure a healthy, responsive, well-balanced body.  They are:

1. The Press

a. horizontal press, like a push-up or bench press

b. vertical press, like a handstand or military press

2. The Pull

a. horizontal pull, like a row

b. vertical pull, like a pull-up or chin-up

3. Lower Body Level Changes

a. hip-dominated (deadlift, swing)

b. thigh-dominated (squat)

4. Rotation

a. fixed foot rotation, like a Russian twist

b. pivoting foot rotation like a hooking punch

5. Locomotion, like lunges or floor exercises

A workout program that does not address all 5 pillars will not develop functional, applicable fitness, but will leave gaps in performance and ability, and potentially lead to injury.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in setting up a personal training regimen that employs the 5 Pillars of Human Movement.


~ by nolashaolin on August 11, 2010.

One Response to “The Five Pillars of Human Movement”

    ALL THIS IS IS MY 4PILLARS of HUMAN MOVEMENT – with the 3 Pillar separated into two separate category. This was first published in 1997, then in my book in 1999).
    Please properly reference material.
    I developed, described and published this model in several articles dating back to 1997, and book (Functional Training – Breaking the bonds of traditionalism – 1999).
    Juan Carlos Santana

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