August Tournament and Seminar in Austin

The leader of our system, Grandmaster Sin Kwang The’, visits Austin, TX twice a year to preside over tournaments and teach seminars, usually teaching out a very advanced form.

The February tournament is hosted by my teacher, Master Joe Schaefer of Austin, and the August tournament is hosted by Master Schaefer’s senior student, Master Don Duncan of Round Rock.

This year Master Duncan will be hosting his 10th annual Lone Star Challenge tournament on Saturday, August 28 at CD Fulkes Middle School.  It is open to Shaolin-Do students of all levels and will include empty hand & weapons forms, tai chi, and sparring.

On Sunday 8/29 at Master Duncan’s Shaolin-Do school, Grandmaster Sin Kwang The’ will teach two seminars on very high-level empty hand forms:

10AM-1PM  Meteor Fist, Cannon Rock Leg
This is the second Yang side form for Meteor Fist. It is all manner of kicks and some kicks you have never seen before.
2PM-5PM  Meteor Fist Yin Side form #2
Dragon Twirls the single plum stem to a thousand snakes
Awesome form. Since you have not yet learned a snake form in our art, I can’t imagine you missing this one.


If you only take one, the only option is just the morning form. The snake is only available if you took the morning form.
$90 for cannon leg
$140 for both forms
Includes DVD if you register before August 23rd (otherwise $10 more)

Directions to the Round Rock Shaolin-Do School:
Take exit 251 going North on IH-35
Look next to Hastings in the little mall on the west side of IH-35 (behind Taco Cabana)
512 218-8081


~ by nolashaolin on August 17, 2010.

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