Shun the plastic water bottle and eat fresh, local produce

I’ve posted before about the health risks of endocrine disruptors, both natural (phytoestrogens) from unfermented soy foods, and chemical (xenoestrogens) primarily from plastics.  I’ve also posted about the environmental catastrophe brought on by disposable plastic bottles and bags.

Many studies have shown that xenoestrogens cause infertility and even spontaneous sex change in amphibians and fish. Europe and Canada have recently tagged bisphenol-a, a chemical used to make plastic more flexible, as a human toxin. BPA is also used in the thin plastic linings of canned foods.

A new study published in the journal Fertility and Sterility is the first to establish a link between BPA and low sperm count in humans.

One of my aims here is to show how our bodies are a part of the ecology of this, the only planet we know that can sustain life. Our choices in our microcosmic environment reverberate out into the macrocosm, the planetary environment.

Some simple things we can do are to carry reusable (ideally non-plastic) water bottles and canvas grocery bags.  Instead of canned foods, grow some of your own herbs, fruits and vegetables and try to source as much of your produce locally as you can. Incremental steps will not immediately save the world, but can get us all moving in the right direction.


~ by nolashaolin on October 28, 2010.

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